Main Programs

Love At Work Ministries is investing in infrastructure, equipment & human resources of its school and expanding our programs to:

  1. Accommodate more students in our daycare, kindergarten, preparatory, primary, secondary education and vocational / technical programs.  
  2. Increase the number of kids receiving university and vocational / technical degrees and provide more jobs for those graduating from our programs.
  3. Provide leadership, innovation & community service programs that promote development of people to perform individually, collectively and contribute to the welfare of society.
  4. Expand our community outreach programs (camps / retreats / youth programs) to create opportunities for out-of-school and underserved children in the “risky areas" of Alajuelita.
  5. Use our facilities to provide other education & skills training opportunities & alternative activities (recreational and cultural) to the community.
  6. Expand our ongoing efforts to improve the living conditions and basic services for children and families in difficult situations.


Schools are failing.   The town is plagued by a deplorable school infrastructure and the failure of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) to deliver millions of dollars for the construction of new schools.  Several schools have been declared uninhabitable and have had health closures.  And the quality of that education is so bad, those who do graduate will not be able to pass college entrance exams.

A good education is the single most important predictor of whether a child continues to live in poverty or not.  The Programa Estado de la Nación publishes the most comprehensive analysis of the state of the nation and Costa Rica’s education.  A central theme is that any employment policy aimed at combating poverty and crime must give centrality to education. 

A Primary Objective

In the town of Alajuelita, poor education threatens children’s chances of ever escaping poverty. Of 100 children entering the education system, less than 30 will graduate. The primary enrollment rate is 48% and 32% for secondary.