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Opportunities for Out-Of-School and Underserved Children and Families  

Love At Work Ministries continues expanding its outreach programs – camps, retreats, youth meetings, community service projects – to create opportunities for out-of-school and underserved children and their families in the “risky areas” of Alajuelita.  

  • We use our centrally located school facilities to provide alternative activities (recreational, cultural, educational) to the community and have plans to offer other educational and skills training opportunities.   
  • The school also is the base of operation for Iglesia Amor En Acción (Love At Work Church).   
  • We also have the new LifeCenter, located in the middle of the slums, which serves as a safe place for kids to study, have a nutritious meal, for kids to discover their strengths and to fight and build their future with the help of our team and school.


For $86 a child, you can give an opportunity for a child to attend camp and begin an exciting journey of discipleship that will impact the rest of his or her life. Each year, we send hundreds of kids to camps.  Many have never had the opportunity to go to camp or get away from their challenging environment.  It’s vital to reach them now, before they become hardened to sin or victims of violence.  Camps are an opportunity to encounter Christ, build relationships and demonstrate a different way to live, in addition to having fun.  

It is the individual stories we hear that make this work so compelling.  At a recent Love At Work Ministries’ camp for 250 kids: “If anyone is hurting physically, emotionally or spiritually, God wants to heal you.  With His blessing, you can break free of the hurt, the pain, and the shame and recover the years, the joy and the blessings stolen from your youth.”  (Joel 2:25) God was there in those hours with the kids.  One 12-year old boy, Juan, shared, “I was raped by my uncle.”  Others followed, and nearly 100 kids were freed that day of abuse and other things that had happened in the past. 

Love At Work Church (Iglesia Amor En Acción)  

We are the "church in action."  While one in six persons in the world today live in an urban slum, only a handful, one in 6000 missionaries, serves there.  Local government, churches and other ministries are at a loss to know what to do with slum communities.  

In this unique environment, God has called us to "be the church in action", an "outpost" of the kingdom, laboring outside the four walls of the Church, going where others will not go.  Our ministry is making a difference, opening up the grace of God to people living in these urban slums, and we are seeing dramatic and eternal changes in their lives. 

Iglesia Amor En Acción has become a welcoming place for those who have not found a spiritual home in other churches of the community.  Its members reflect the diversity of Alajuelita, many coming from the most impoverished areas.  

The members of the church form the basis of the volunteers for all of our work at Love At Work Ministries.  When we build houses, church people are the ones building the houses.  Church members serve the community by reaching out to those who are hurting, alone, in need, struggling or oppressed.  In the words of Pastor Arturo Piedra:

We are Love At Work Church, a family in the faith.
We are a congregation.
We are disciples who make other disciples. 
We are a place for the hungry.
We are a school . . . preschool, elementary and high school.
We are Life Center, complementary education program for hundreds of students in the public system.
We are a clinic.
We are worship and praise with excellence.
We are biblical training.
We are youth and children.
We are a family restoration center.
We are an art, dance, and music training center.
We are family home groups all over the city.
We are media and production of content.
We are Love At Work Church. 

The LifeCenter is in an area where nobody wants to be.  There is no other organization serving on site in this slum . . . no church, no NGO, not even the government.  We are fighting against drugs, smuggling, violence, sexual abuse, abuse in every area of life . . . and loneliness and a deep sense of being forgotten.  

​​The Life Center offers a variety of crucial benefits for kids and their families, all supporting Love At Work's goal of breaking their cycle of poverty and helping them reach their God-given potential.  Most kids in the slums of Tejarcillos don’t have safe, clean places to spend time. Our LifeCenter provides that!   It's a place of hope where families are treated with dignity and kids escape negative influences of gangs, violence and drugs. 

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