"Nobody Knows We Exist"

To describe Alajuelita’s poor as “forgotten” assumes people knew about them in the first place.  

Jahaira Mena Sirias, resident, “The truth is we live in this area where nobody knows we exist.  It’s not a good place.  Over here, they kill, they rob, they do drugs everywhere.  People don’t like this place . . . they don’t come here.  But this is where we have to live.”

Children In Crisis
This is a pivotal time for Love At Work Ministries and the community of Alajuelita, San José, Costa Rica.  We have unfinished business when it comes to our most precious and vulnerable resource – the children, our future. 

Former Mayor Victor Hugo, "We are a town without opportunities for thousands of youth who neither work nor study.  We are producing delinquents.   Every form of suffering and evil is here.  The drug dealers come here to recruit kids to distribute, the car thieves recruit kids to steal, the pimps carry away our children into prostitution.”


The Hope of Being Loved and Not "Forgotten"

We believe that all of Alajuelita will be redeemed, and there is evidence that we are winning the battle.  Every yellow house is something we can show . . . every boy or girl who goes to camp, has fun, encounters Christ and discovers a different way to live.    Every time we take a child from the shantytown and give them a scholarship to our private Christian school . . . we are winning!

Each week, hundreds of kids pour through the gates of Love At Work International Christian School (LAWICS).They laugh, play, eat, cheer, learn and feel valued, safe and loved.

These precious children are finding the hope of being loved and not forgotten, the hope of a better future and, most importantly, the hope that comes from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Thousands of children lack the most basic resources for a healthy, productive life – clean water, health care, adequate schools, housing, sanitation, safe streets.  Shocking as these conditions may seem, we can testify that they are real. But even more troubling is they live without the one thing they really need . . . and that is hope. ​

Solutions Exist!

Love At Work has years of experience applying these solutions to improving children’s lives, going into these most dangerous areas:

•    Demolishing nuisance properties, building new homes, making  infrastructure improvements;  
•    Meeting basic needs for food, water, sanitation and medical care;  
•    Providing neighborhood support through outreach programs, camps, and discipleship; 
•    Improving access to quality education . . . 

Bringing hope, joy and celebration to those who have none in their lives.