What Happens To Your Dollar?

We want you to be confident your gifts are being used in the best way possible.  For that reason, we are always working to keep our overhead rate low.   

Financial Accountability


​​​We classify expense in three primary categories: program expense, fundraising expense and management/general expense.  

Program Expenses are used for such things as youth programs, education and training, meeting people's practical needs for housing, nutrition & health care and disaster relief assistance.  In 2017, we used 92.1 percent of our total operating expenses for programs that directly benefit children, families, and communities.  The average of the top 100 charities in 2016, according to a Forbes magazine study, was 85%.   ​​​​

Fundraising Expenses.  An organization’s “fundraising efficiency” is the percentage of donations left after subtracting the costs of getting them.  The average for the 100 large charities in the Forbes study was 89 percent, meaning that it cost 11 cents to raise $1.  Love At Work Ministries’ “fundraising efficiency” was 98 percent, meaning it cost 2 cents to raise $1.

Management / General Expenses.  For 2017, management and general expense represented 4.9 percent of total expense. This includes costs necessary to provide appropriate financial management and oversight, process financial transactions, general insurance and infrastructure costs such as computers and software. 

Commitment to Transparency.  Because we understand that it's a big decision to donate your money to us, we are committed to being transparent about our financial decisions. 

For a detailed breakdown of Love At Work Ministries' programs, program results, financials and operations, including our most recent 990 filings with the IRS, visit the GuideStar website by clicking the link at lower right hand margin of this page.

Revenues.  Love At Work Ministries is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation supported by people who believe in our mission.  Support comes in the form of contributions from individuals (cash, stock gifts, in-kind gifts and estate gifts ), corporations (cash, donated assets and services), foundations and other organizations.