Love At Work Ministries

A Hand Up

Love At Work provides a way for you to change the lives of children and families in crisis by giving them a hand up rather than a hand out.  

With the generous support of people like you, Love At Work is working toward a better, more livable world through effective work in the following areas:  education, housing, health and nutrition, economic opportunity, spiritual and social development, community and neighborhood enrichment.  

So please, consider helping by making a donation to one of the following causes:

Education (School and LifeCenter):  In an effort to reduce poverty and help create safe streets, we're improving access to quality education, technical training and higher-learning opportunities. We provide scholarships to students of diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds, preparing them to succeed in a rigorous education program while demonstrating mental, spiritual, social and emotional maturity.  Helping educate a child is the most powerful way you can fight poverty.  A recurring monthly gift of $50 will help provide an opportunity they simply do not have. We will put your donation with others', and, together, there will be enough to educate a child. A recurring monthly gift of $200 will cover full tuition of one child.  Some invest multiples of these amounts to extend coverage to more children.

Quality of Life (Nutrition & Health Care):  Your gifts are transformed into projects that increase access to nutritious food, water and health care for vulnerable populations; protect children from abuse and neglect; remove barriers to economic self-sufficiency; equip people with life skills that lead to increased independence.

Healthy Neighborhoods and Communities (Housing):  Your gifts will allow neighborhoods and communities to address such challenges as providing safe, affordable housing and support services; increasing the safety of residents; improving physical spaces for community benefit; engaging residents in community-building and progress; and creating opportunities for young people to become productive citizens.

Outreach:  Our LifeCenter, camps, retreats, youth meetings, community service projects – create opportunities for out-of-school and underserved children and their families in the “risky areas." We use our centrally located school facilities to provide alternative activities (recreational, cultural, educational) to the community. The school also is the base of operation for Iglesia Amor En Acción (Love At Work Church).

Area of Greatest Need:  Your gift will enable us to respond quickly to help the most vulnerable children and families in the areas of education, housing, health and nutrition, economic opportunity, spiritual and social development, community and neighborhood enrichment. 

Our Work