Can You Imagine?  We have all been witnesses of how God moves and challenges lives in a camp.  But can you imagine what happens when you take kids who have never, in their lives, been to a camp . . . who have never been able to get away from their challenging environment, even for a weekend?

It's amazing how God moves in their hearts and how they start to fall in love with Jesus and his Kingdom.  This could be a defining moment for some of our youth!

Our Nation's 240th birthday!  

Ask an adult why they love our country and this 4th of July weekend, you will probably get a long and complicated answer.  But kids have far more simple reasons - "Because we have fireworks in the sky, and they are so cool."  
Coincidentally, this will be one of the coolest weekends of the year in Costa Rica too.  On July 1-3,  we are taking over 160 kids to camp, to encounter Jesus in a perfect place, away from Alajuelita. The kids are SO excited!

"I've never been. I want to go. I'd like to see what happens in a camp." (1st year camper).  "I want to go and have fun!"(1st year camper)  "I like everything about a camp!" (2nd year camper)  "I want to go to camp because I like to share with my friends the Word of God." (Been to camp many times)


Every year, YOU have helped make these camps happen.  This year, the kids have done a "titanic job" of raising funds too!  The cost per child is $55, and the kids and the church have been working for months to raise the amount needed by selling food at Alajuelita's farmers' market and weekly sales after church.  God has been good, and they have raised $6,045 for the kids already registered (over 100).  

However, here's the situation.  We need to raise $3,245 more SO WE CAN TAKE ALL THE KIDS who really want to go but have no money.  That includes 59 kids from Jazmín, Tejarcillos and the school.  In the words of Arturo Piedra, "The amount we can raise will determine the number of kids I can say 'YES' to.  I want to say 'YES' to them all!!!"

Will you put a smile on a child's face this weekend?  We want to take a moment to thank you for helping us with these camps. Your help is invaluable.  "When you support a kid from Alajuelita to attend camp, please know that you are not just sponsoring someone to have a nice trip.  To put it simply, you could be doing the most important action in the life of a young man or woman from our towns!!!"  Arturo Piedra, Director, Love At Work Ministries in Costa Rica.

Please partner with us in reaching out to these kids.  For $55 a child, you can give an opportunity for a child to attend camp and begin an exciting journey of discipleship that will impact the rest of his or her life.  Our role is to give an opportunity to every child.  God will do the rest.